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We are very excited about the 2016-2017 Season. Here at PMZ Academy we are putting together our Internationally Inspired Training Program.


Tryouts 2016-2017

Will be held at Balloon Fiesta Park


Date: Wednesday June 8th 2016

Time: 5:00PM

 1998 - 2003 Age Groups




Our 2016-2017 Training Program has opportunity for players who join a PMZ Academy Team and those who will only participate in the Academy for Training. If you are part of an Academy team all of the following are open to you at no additional cost. If you are not on a PMZ academy team some training is not available to you.


 1) High School Prep Camp - Open to Entire Academy


This camp is designed to help any player to be ready for making a better team in High School. We will offer 8 sessions in June.


 2) Summer (Winter) Futsal Program - Open to Entire Academy


The off season programs will include coaching to ensure the players continue to develop their footwork and soccer IQ even during the off season. Indoor facilities will be used during training. Teams will be entered into local Futsal leagues and Tournaments.


 3) Year Round Training - Academy Teams Only


PMZ is where soccer players are made. The rest of the world also has academies. In many cases the players actually live at the academy year round. Soccer is the core of the academy but it fills all of the needs of the player to help develop well rounded people. Soccer is the core of PMZ and our goal is to help the players achieve their goals. It is our belief that fitness is an important part of a well-balanced life. Players love the game and winning is always more fun than losing. With this in mind, as with any other pursuit in life preparation prepares the athlete to compete and hopefully win. Our Director of Coaching believes that PMZ needs to train our players at least 4 days per week. Commitment is important from the coaches and must be present in the athletes for success.


We use an academy style training method. Coaches are assigned to individual teams but often we will combine teams to allow for more intense training and/or scrimmages. The academy style training also allows for “club passing” when players need additional help or a team needs additional players. In many cases training requirements are better served by large numbers. Our coaching staff will focus on all aspects of the game. Specialized keeper training, defensive tactics both individual and team, individual ball skills, controlling the field, staying connected, possession, and finishing.

PMZ believes in player development. Although we always welcome new players to the academy our true goal is to help each player to become the best they can be. We combine, tactical, skills and team strategies to help each athlete achieve their goals.


 4) Player Evaluation(s) - Academy Teams Only


Evaluation: Each player will be assessed individually at the beginning of the season. The coach(s), parent(s) and athlete will be given an opportunity to discuss the player’s strengths and areas that need improvement. Before the season is over the player will have another session to discuss their progress. We feel communication between the athlete, parents and coaching staff is very important. However, this communication should be regular, structured, positive and professional.



 5) Film Studies - Select Academy Teams Only


Unfortunately, far too few American’s watch televised soccer games. Watching the game helps the athlete to understand positions, positioning, strategies and tactics. Our traveling teams will have film studies with the coaching staff to help raise their soccer IQ.


 6) Sunday Opens - Open to Everyone


PMZ is an academy so its goal is to help players develop and enjoy the game. Our normal training is designed to serve the athletes who play on PMZ teams. However, we offer Sunday opens for players outside of the academy. During Sunday opens the coaches will provide some training followed by scrimmages. It is a chance for athletes to play in a low pressure environment and have fun. PMZ players are encouraged to attend and bring friends.


 7) Sports Psychology


PMZ believes that coaching is helping an athlete achieve more than they otherwise could. Because every player is different the coach(es) must understand the individual so they can be prepared to help every player achieve. Our staff has as Continuing Education a curriculum of Sport Psychology. The curriculum is designed to help the coaches communicate in ways to reach every athlete. No player left behind!


 8) Tournaments - Open to Entire Academy


We love tournaments because they give the athletes a chance to face new competition. However, it is important to match the team to proper competition. For teams that need more challenge we will provide ample opportunity to travel and compete with teams from other states or regions. For players who are nearing college age we will select tournaments to get the athletes exposure to college coaches and recruiters. Our staff understand how to get the players in line for college soccer and know many of the coaches personally. They will do everything possible to help athletes find the right fit for college soccer.


 9) Coach the Coach - Open to any Coach who wants help.


 PMZ is the only academy that currently employs 2 Coaches who hold national or International licenses. We believe that many coaches in New Mexico would like the opportunity to learn from the professionals. If you are a coach who would like some high level support for your team, we have the program for you. Our staff will consult with you to help you become a better coach.


 10) Life Balance - Open to Entire Academy in the Future


In the spirit of the fine soccer academies around the world PMZ will soon offer additional services to the athletes to help them find life balance. Services such as tutoring, nutrition, wellness, yoga, etc. Our goal is to provide the athlete with the best chance to achieve their goals.








Contact information:


PMZ Soccer Academy LLC

P.O. Box 13743

Albuquerque, NM 87192


Roger Baxter General Manager/Coach

Office: (505) 269-8277


Philippe M'Balla Zambo Director of Player Development

(505) 974-2159


Leo Ramos Director of Coaching

(505) 259-2807