Mission and Philosophy


Using the Sport of Soccer, PMZ Soccer Academy fosters and environment that builds character and sportsmanship through the total development of players and teams at all ages and levels of competition.

PMZ Soccer Academy:

  • Instills the highest Standard of professionalism for our coaches, respect for individuals players, and sportmanship on and off the field of play
  • Instills respect for the game, respect for others, and the importance of giving back to the game and community.
  • Instills the concept of continued education for your players, families, coaches and teams in all areas of the sport of soccer.
  • Ensures that players reach thier fullest potentail in fitness, game play, leadership, ethics and honesty.

PMZ is committed to the development of the individual with the program, both athletically and personally.  The combination of supportive parents, quality coaching, and strong management equals a successful program.

PMZ is decicated to the development of soccer players to the highest level possible.  Because of that goal, PMZ must maintain standards that enable the coaches and players to participate at what is considered the highest level of youth soccer.  Participating at this level requires commitment and behavior that goes beyond that of a recreational focus.


Sportsmanship and team spirit are as important to as as being a highly skilled competitive player.  In order to accomplish our philosophy, the program as placed great emphasis on the following:

  • Long term development of all players – (not just the better ones).
  • Provide an opportunity for our players to participate at all levels of play including  recreational, travel and the premier level.
  • Conducting age appropriate training sessions during the course of the year directed by certified & licensed coaches.
  • Offering a year round program for both fall and spring players.
  • Conducting winter training sessions for all players.
  • Informing players and parents of college nights and other events.
  • Encouraging our coaching staff to further their soccer education.
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